Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane

Well, we are right back in the swing of things. I've taught 7 classes in two days, My Handsome Prince went back to work yesterday after many weeks off, we moved Emma into her apartment, and again move Emma into her apartment - it seems a never ending process. We finalize some things at the University, and start making our fall schedules for school starting, last minute trips, putting some food by before the freshness ends, parties to attend (my sister turns 40! My little sister!), and more. My fingers are itching to stitch something new but I am determined to get some things ready for the State Fair, so must stay on track. My mind wants to absorb wonderful words and think about them, but with the kids all talking about Harry Potter, I must read it before they give it away. My local library is having a talk on The Memory Keepers Daughter and Shepherd University is having Henry Louis Gates Jr. sometime soon, so must read those two. Things to do, things to do. Yet it feels wonderful. My body hurts, and I yearn.

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Rabbit Stitchings said...

I wish I had been in all 7 classes you taught, my 40s are proving to be a challenge, the middle section is just so not cooperating!

Good to hear your DH was able to return to work and looked like you guys had a great vacation too!