Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Keeper

Last night, among other things, I made a scruptious dinner. That doesn't happen very often. It's not that I can not cook, it's that I don't. No pictures as what wasn't eaten last night, I just finished for lunch.
2-3 pieces of hot italian sausage, crumbled
lots of garlic
brown sausage and garlic together
Add a jar of marinara sauce
add some red wine -big glug - last night I used a Grenache by the name of "Bitch" (a photo was taken of Mom holding the bottle with a glass also)
add chopped fresh basil, nice big handful
add some cream, enough to turn it a delightful orange color maybe 1/4 cup

Serve over fresh tortellini, with a caesar salad, and good crusty bread. Oh, let's not forget that Audrey and I made an apple pie. Mmmmm.

Neither one of my children like sausage, Emma does not like pasta with tomato sauce, so for them to wolf this down was quite an accomplishment.

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