Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Or at least, one week of summer vacation

  • laying on the beach with my daughters talking about our separate camp experiences in this same little town

  • walking 3 dogs, walking 3 dogs, walking 3 dogs, walking 3 dogs, walking 3 dogs, walking 3 dogs, do you get the picture?

  • picking strawberries in extreme heat, the only other people out there were 3 migrant workers

  • a knock on the door at dusk, my friend Annette, in her suit, towel wrapped around her, carrying a bottle of wine. We sat and swam in the pool, drinking our wine, absolutely wonderful

  • setting up my little studio away from studio

  • listening to music, cleaning my kitchen, readying to make jam, talking to my sister

  • not brushing my hair all week, the dreads are starting, I've got about 8

  • finishing my rug

  • going to the beach late every afternoon for an hour

  • lounging in the pool

  • making house

  • getting my Mexican on at La Quetzelteca, mmmmm

  • Endless hours of CSI and I can not wait until this Sunday with the Father's Day Marathon of CSI

I am at home now. Feeling a bit lonely. My Mom, sensing my lonliness has invited me over several times, but I feel I must be alone in my lonliness, or at least for the next day or two, to get used to it. I'll be ok. I start back to work tomorrow, unpacking to do, purging of this household, Dr's appts. to make and an MRI to schedule (damn accident) and of course numerous projects.

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