Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Robins Garden

I've been spending more and more time with a neighbor. We are now carpooling to the Y 3 days a week for Pilates and cycling. As usual I am coveting something of my neighbor's. It's her garden, a little bit of heaven on earth. Today, she worked on my hair, while we sat in the yard and watched the birds. Lovely.

She and her husband make these birdhouses together. They are all over the yard with various designs. I've seen one in progess with the pieces of pinecones painstakingly glued onto the roof as shingles.

Okay, they even make their own sea glass with a rock tumber. Shhh, don't tell her I told you.

I've got plans for two porches this summer, which includes sand and sea glass. We are getting together again this weekend to make some windchimes from computer parts, beads, and whatever else we fiind.

This week I've been trying to find my own rhythym, but as usual, people have come and gone from this home base. I've sorted through my studio, sorted through my kitchen, sorted through my bathroom. I am trying to do some major purging this week. I've managed to make a dent, albeit a small one. I am teaching more classes, making up for lost time and time I will be losing. The handsome one is away on playing soldier, the youngest is away with friends and hasn't texted me in two days(!), and oldest was lonely so came home to hang with her Mom (not really, she's going out tonight and tomorrow night). The constant around here are me and the dogs. Tonight I have a date with either Gill Grisham, who is my constant, or Rocky Balboa, a one night stand, some spicey roasted red pepper soup with black beans, corn and shrimp along with a curry chicken salad wrap, my knitting needles, some sugar and creme twist yarn and a washcloth pattern. How great is that?


Mama Chelly, Abalicious, Ckarl and Bino said...

Geez, I am so jealous.
My date last night consisted of testosterone in the form of a 3yo, 6yo, 8yo, and 10yo all sleeping (or trying to) in the same room.
No chance of even thinking of anything with the word "creme" in it. (Except for my coffee in the morn.)

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Lovely gardens, and sounds like a lovely new friend...always fun to share creative energy with someone!