Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It Is Well With My Soul

For the past month, my life has been pure chaos, a new job on the eastern shore, moving, living between two places, two lives, two jobs, school, family and the workings of all. My Handsome Prince and I literally were crossing the Bay Bridge going in opposite directions. I've spent the week days one the western side, going to school, assisting Audrey with things needed for graduation or just her personal crises, finishing out my time at the Y, and fielding a few phone calls for my new job and then heading to the eastern shore to move, unpack, and get acquainted, or hit the ground running for my new job. Now, most is over, and a calm (ok, somewhat calm) has settled. I'm done with the YMCA, other than an email, Exams are over, grades are posted (I still managed to make the Dean's List), we have a prospect on the house (who might be difficult be we want to make it work), and school is almost over for the youngest.

This past weekend was the last performance of the NGCB, a casual performance on the lawn on Saturday and a more formal performance in church on Sunday. When they sang "It is Well with my Soul" I cried (okay I cried through the whole thing) but this is what touched me. Despite my hurt feelings, despite my challenges, despite my fear and excitement, despite the internal fusses I have with certain things and certain people, it is well with my soul.

We went to a lovely, mature, back yard wedding of my sister in law to the man she has been engaged to for 2 years. They have a connection that is evident. It was a beautiful day, a small ceremony with only family, and just perfect. We went to a farewell party in our honor, where it poured buckets, and yet, it did not hold anyone back and we had a grand time. We said goodbye to my niece who left for China for 8 weeks.

Now, I slowly get ready for my week in my other home, my job, alone. I will miss prom and it's primpings. It makes me sad. I have a women's retreat that weekend to which I will play host and manage staff and cook and clean and delegate and run interference.

Yes, it is well with my soul.

And this is just because it makes me happy.

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