Saturday, May 23, 2009

What I See

This is the current view as I sit on my deck. An overgrown butterfyly and hummingbird garden, freshly cut grass, that we will attempt to keep after we leave.

This is what I see:
I see my children, young, flushed, sledding down the hill with Gus following, barking and biting their ankles. I see my friends in the yard, dancing and singing to the NGCB as they play on the patio. I see my children in the hot tub, snow up to the edges with a path shoveled so we could get in. Again, the girls in the hot tub, early in the morning around 5am, watching a meteor shower, amazed. I see the hummingbirds buzzing about my deck and my cone flowers, fussing at each other, I see the families of deer running into the woods. I see my father, glass of wine, talking on the deck. My Mother's 60th birthday party on the deck, friends gathered from near and far. Crab feasts on the patio, My husbands surprise 40th birthday party, being a slave to my garden, a slave to the lawn, ping pong tournament (only one), bonfires galore, prom parties (one still coming), dreams, hopes, frustrations, dogs running, dog graves (and a hamster), card games, dinners, and so much more shared in this home in this yard.

I leave with such mixed feelings. It is time. We are going to a good place, a place we dreamed of in this place, it feels right.


Anonymous said...

OK, now I'm crying. I will miss the view and other things but you have wanted to move to the Eastern Shore for a long time. It is a new beginning. Thank God, you aren't moving across the country.
I love you.

Dana said...

Don't cry Mama, we are not that far away.

I'm Wendy :) said...

I had so many wonderful times at that house! Though it doesn't happen often, I'll miss driving by that house any time I'm out that way and knowing that the Millers live there.

The hot tub, swinging with Emma, exploring the woods, singing BSB in the basement, watching movies, sleep-overs, catching the bus there when I missed it at my stop in the mornings :) Those really were some wonderful, beautiful days.

Good luck with the move!! <3 <3