Friday, October 02, 2009


I am in denial. As soon as my busy season ended, I thought I would get a couple weeks on the beach, some time by the pool, a little kayaking. Nope, fall came and looks as if it is going to stay. I love fall but I was holding out for one more heat wave. The pool is still open but it never gets warm enough to get in. I am still holding out for about a week, then I will give in. The evidence is too strong. I have fall desires, too, like stitching thisI have just started the doodling on the paper. I think I will free hand most of it.
And this was my kitchen yesterday! I made soup! In the crock pot! And sewed!Even the dogs have settled in. Is there any hope of a small, teeny, tiny, heat wave so I can go lay out on the beach?


Anonymous said...

Dana, I will keep checking your blog for the potholder directions. I like the sounds of that brewery. I was in Baltimore last fall for the Bouchercon--mystery writers' convention. I loved Baltimore--visited the ball park and the Babe's birthplace. I am a baseball fan.


Texan said...

I will hope for you a heat wave, for me cool fall temps! Which we have been getting some of lately!! woowhoo