Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rock the Monkey

Ta da!  The monkey socks.  This photo is terrible but they are outside blocking on the deck in the shade.  I loved this pattern!  It was so easy to follow, easy to memorize (at least on the second sock) and so pretty (though you would no know from this photo. ugh.)  The yarn is a bit crazy but you will never lose your socks.  I wanted these for myself but alas, I was to eager to start the toe and said, oh yes, they will fit perfect.  Well, no they don't and it would bug me to no end if I were to wear them.  So off they go, into the gift pile.  Who will get them, I wonder?  Those of you in my family who read, please be surprised if you are the lucky recipient.  And know that you are extremely lucky because, dammit Jim, I wanted these for my very own!


Anonymous said...

They are georgeous. If they don't fit you, they won't fit me. Damn it!

Texan said...

Very colorful and pretty. I am totally impressed you knit those!

Payaaa said...

I want to be lucky recipient.. :)))