Friday, February 01, 2013


Yesterday I dropped Pat off at Hopkins at 10am. I then left to get a key from Marie, the woman in whose house we are living. Sometimes the kindness of others leaves me speechless. She moved out of her first floor bedroom and bathroom so we could have them. She knows, first hand, the difficulties that can be encountered. I managed to get back to Hopkins to get the full description of the port being place in Pat's upper right neck/chest area. They gave us 1 1/2 hour time frame but he was done in less than an hour. He came out of it feeling fine and wears a rubber bracelet stating he has a port. The girls arrived in time to visit in recovery. Luckily Pat was assigned a room almost immediately and they escorted him straight up to his room. We were told the night before that the possibility of him getting bumped and not getting a room was great so we were quite happy to get a room. He has a large, private room. The staff is very acommodating. This wing is set up for families with a small pantry where we can store food. The whole time Pat was in his room, there were people taking vitals, labs, surveys, urine, etc. I left around 7pm because I still had to do a bit of grocery shopping to set myself up at Maries. I was home (in my new home) by 8:30 after dropping Audrey off and shopping. Emma stayed with Pat until his chemotherapy bag was set up. They did not set it up until 9:30ish. They had to give him so many liters of fluid then measure his output before they could start. I called Emma a little after 10 to check in and see if there was anything I needed to know. She stated that he will be in the hospital until Monday.
It's 10am and we are having our morning ritual of being on our separate computers chatting about whatever we find. The poetry of the Seth and Scott filter through the ipad. He is feeling good.. Our girls will come in again today and we will continue our game of Farkle we started yesterday. There were too many interruptions. I think today will be a bit quieter.

Addendum: Pats's day nurse today lives in the house next door to the one he grew up in, in Uniontown. They are chatting away about the town, mutual acquaintances, memories, etc. such a small world.


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good.

Anonymous said...

You will soon have the whole wing in a Farkle Tournament. You look comfy as comfy as one can be at JJH.
Love YOu.


Kae and Jon said...

Pat looks strong and confidant. Thank you so much for the updates.

Love, Kae T.

Anonymous said...

Have had you all in my thoughts and prayers. Love the jammie bottoms! Dana, let me know if there is anything you need. My time is pretty flexible after this week.