Thursday, July 27, 2006

I have quilt envy

My neighbor called me yesterday and asked me to come over. This is my neighbor that taught me to crazy quilt, we hook together, sew, and think up other things to do in our spare time. In 2003, we each started a make-do, cotton crazy quilt for our daughters. We did not buy any fabric and very little thread. We wanted it to truly be a stashbuster. Well, she has hers put together, the brat! She made a double and I'm making a single. I'm not even half way there. Well, if seeing hers isn't inspiration, I don't know what is! I'll take a photo of hers next time I go over (I'll be prepared - I nearly died seeing it all laid out!) In the meantime, visit this web site and you'll get the idea.


Lisa D. said...

lol quilt envy - maybe it will prod you into finish yours? I can't wait to see a picture. Love the idea of a total stashbusting quilt!

brenda said...

you are amazing....don't you forget it! I get "energy level" envy everytime I read your blog!