Saturday, July 01, 2006

Top Ten at Cape Henlopen in no particular order

1. Friends and family - all together, overlapping, coming and going, 40 of us were camping at Cape Henlopen, including my Mom, Aunt, Uncle, Sister and family, good friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. You get the point.

2. Capture the flag on the dunes - adults and children - embarassing, but true, laughing and running are not something a 42 year old woman can do without an accident.

3. Deserted dog beach - we brought a dog along so visited the part of the park that surf fishers frequent and those with dogs, too. One day, we had a 3 cabana set up going.

4. Authentic Mexican food on the way home in Bridgeville DE. YUM!

5. While not the most enjoyable, definitely most memorable, a spill on the skim board by me, resulting in the most colorful, still painful, hematoma on my butt, and poor child who owned the board broke his wrist shortly after!

6. Pork products on the open fire - breakfast every morning consisted of bacon, sausage, and yes, scrapple. Yes, all three.

7. Chuck Mills widow - the whip-poor-whil type bird that calls every night soothing me to sleep.

8. While I don't play, it would not be the same if the almost 24/7 game of 4 square was not played.

9. New Dansko shoes

10. 15 years of memories make this place home away from home. Can't wait to go back!

No photos as Emma has the camera with her in Louisiana before I had a chance to download photos. She is doing some Katrina demolition work and Audrey is at church camp. The Handsome Prince and I are alone, well as alone as you can get with 2 dogs, 1 of which freaks out every night as the neighbors light their fireworks. We can't leave the house without her.

Happy 4th of July all! We managed to make it to church for the annual concert, Shelby and I hiding in the ministers office, listening to patriotic music, making friends with two young girls (5 and 2 ). Then to our camping friends pool for a lovely afternoon. I want a pool, as usual.

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weirdbunny said...

Some american missionaries taught my children 4 square a few years ago. It is their favourite game.