Monday, July 31, 2006

Summer Weekend

With this heat and no a/c, there is nothing to do but pool hop. I suggested to the girl's that on Friday we visit the community pool where we were members for 14-15 years. They each invited a friend, we packed a lunch, I even bought junk snacks. As soon as we arrived it started to rain. Off to Walmart instead to waste some time waiting for the sun to come back out, and sure enough it did. We had a nice afternoon at the pool, though not quite what we anticipated. We hope for a reunion of the Cabana Club girls (3-5 families of girls who are the same age as Emma) I knew the Mom's wouldn't be there as they are 9-5ers now. My Handsome Prince joined us and we had a mean game of Under Water Ladder Tag going for a good hour, inviting another group of kids to join us. Later that evening, dinner in Westminster.

Saturday was another hot one. The morning started out with the usual Car Talk interrupted by a phone call. I'm just happy to say it was not MY family but HIS family. HA! We all had little odd jobs to do which included hanging a new porch swing. Yes! In the middle of the day, we went to a neighbor's house, where we have a lifetime membership to their pool. Swim, swim, swim, cool, cool, cool, then ice cream, yum. Such simple pleasures just truly made my heart glad. All four of us, together, swimming, eating ice cream under an umbrella, then home watching a movie, again, together.

Sunday brought more of the same. We actually packed our suits and towels in the car figuring we would invite ourselves over to another pool. This time our camping/church friends in Ellicott City. We provided pizza and assistance in taking down a tree. Their daughters and Emma left for camp together, so it was 4 adults, Audrey and Glenn (the kid who broke his wrist in this post). That evening, my in-laws invited us over for Jambalaya and concert in the park featuring Junkyard Saints. This was our third free summer outdoor concert and do you know that not one person danced? What the heck was wrong with this crowd? A couple hundred people and you figure at least one person over the age of 2 would dance. I know, I should have been it. I wanted it soooo bad. I asked MHP to dance 4 times and he would not. Audrey basically went along because she had no choice, so she was a no too. Didn't ask the inlaws, just didn't think it was their thing. Little by little my groove dwindled.

BTW, I had to hit another pool today. Gosh, it's deadly.

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Laurie Ann said...

Sounds like a fantastic family weekend and a great way to cool off. I hope things cool down for you soon!