Monday, April 02, 2007

Let's Play Top 10

1. Lucinda Williams concert. Wonderful venue, small sit down theatre, very intimate. Great performance, despite the fact that she had to start two songs over. Such a perfectionist in performing yet looking so uncomfortable on stage. She makes herself vulnerable. It was a great evening with a friend. Bar hopping in the 'burg, lovely dinner, great music, how could it be better?

2. A conversation with my sister about effort. It's making me realize that the source of my own, Whatever, funk, is the lack of my own effort. I'm just going through the motions. It started about others lack of effort, with the classic Why should I bother if no one else cares? and then the lightbulb went off. I realized how hard I worked last year and how much it paid off.

3. Not necessarily top rating but top in memory. The Anders Osborne show I went to that he did not. Bummer. Got our money back, had a good time with Tasha and my Prince, but we were so looking forward to listening to Anders jam and he did not.

4. Puppy, puppy, puppy! AppleSunshine has been so much fun! Neither I nor the Handsome Prince or even Audrey thought much of getting a puppy. Now that she is here, she is so much fun. She is personable, friendly, small, smart, and starts puppy classes this Saturday.

5. Keep up with the Joneses. My neighbor totally finished her quilt. Need I say more.

6. The emergence of spring. Rebirth and regrowth. Remember these? They are budding and flowering!

7. Emma made a school decision.

8. Audrey conquered a fear and auditioned for the Ensemble. Now it's just sit and wait.

9. I finished PT, thank goodness and am feeling better but not quite whole.

10. I can't even come up with 10. Isn't that pitiful?


Simonetta said...

Happy Easter,Dana :))))

weirdbunny said...

(sorry had to close the blog down last night. However it's back up and running this morning. I received loads of e mails this morning saying the blog was invited readers only.) anyhow I've explained why in today's post.)