Thursday, April 26, 2007

Skirt Love

Okay, I'm delusional. I envisioned lovliness. We would look beautiful, our fabrics piled neatly, looking so... neat, 2 skirts a piece finished, lovely photos of our finished skirts. Not exactly what happened. First off, I hadn't showered in almost 24 hours, and had taught 5 classes, so I didn't look and smell so hot. There goes that vision. Then I dumped my breaking shopping bag of loot onto my sisters table, totally covering her lovliness (and yes, it was lovely). The dogs played, then got on each other's nerves. Apple Sunshine went after Gordy, not a good thing. Sammajamma woke up. We played with the puppie and we played with Sam. As soon as we started, it was time to leave. Ugh. Well, two days later, I have finished my skirt and showered (well, that came yesterday). I will make some adjustments for the next one, but other than that, I am pleased. It will be a perfect summer skirt. I'm not delusional when I say I will be wearing skirts all summer and that will be lovely.

1 comment:

weirdbunny said...

Look at that really big rig rag you have out on the bottom of the skirt, fab !