Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Musings

I know Sunday is the official start of the week, but I feel Monday is the start. It's the day when the routine starts again. The day when you can really make the changes that you need to make. The day you organize the rest of the week. Today, the new session started. It WAS (key word here) the day I was jumpstarting my fitness and diet routine. What did I do? Slept in, ate nachos for lunch. Yuck. Can Tuesday begin my week?

Anyway, I'm trying to get my classes together for the week. I've looked at the rosters and see it's mostly the same people so it's time to challenge them and myself. It's time to start lifting, swimming and running again. I've signed myself up for a weight management course so I have a support system to make the right choices. I haven't changed much, but just need that inspiration and motivation to keep this up. It's a lifelong pursuit and anyway that I can achieve it, I will.

This week I need to finish my Love rug, make my songs of the spirit cd, pick up chips at the Utz outlet for 200 people, make a giant pasta salad, make 2-3 pans brownies, help the Prince with his scrapbook page for his Grandma. Those are the big ticket items along with routine cleaning, teaching, delivering papers, cooking, and working nights. And who can forget...OZOMATLI, Wednesday night Baby! "Party people rock the house, party people rock the house!"

I had all kinds of reflections of my time last week. There is no other way to say it. It was sad, terribly sad. My Dad, in his own grief, sick with a virus, was a rock for his brother and performed the ceremony just as he should. I had to call my sister the day we were leaving, just to talk to her, hear her voice, tell her I loved her. And the mystery of life goes on. There are still mornings to rise, meals to make, rides or walks to take, work to do, with a void, a hole, so enormous that it's almost inconceivable, and yet we/they do. My Uncle, his wife, my cousin, Pete, Ben, and Maddy. I wish them peace when they are ready.

I called my elementary schoolhood friend, Karen, who lives in the midwest, to tell her the news. She knew my cousins, lived a block behind them. She, too, had news. Her partner of many years had died unexpectedly shortly after she had seen him. Sad. The tragedy at Virginia Tech hit close to home, also. It was Emma's friend's dorm that was hit. She is okay, but she, too, has an emptiness to fill.

I am home, with my children, my husband, checking in on my father, getting together with family. Life goes on.

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weirdbunny said...

I'm watching the news about the college incident now. How shocking. My prayers and thoughts are with America at this time.