Sunday, June 24, 2007


We leave tomorrow for destinations of Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi, Lucca and Florence. We leave with some apprehension. I always feel some anxiety for my pets left at home. Even more so, with one dog and cat at home, and the pup with another family. I know they will all be fine but I can't help it. I worry about my Mom, left at home, neither my sister nor I will be home to check up on her. I worry about how crazy I was to accept a position as a camp counselor and leave for the beach barely 24 hours after we get home from Italy. I worry about being a camp counselor for high school kids. I worry about leaving camp early to come home for the surgery. I worry about the surgery and recovery. So, I sit here and drink a beer. I think about how I'm going to change my attitude towards some of my travel partners, and recognize their goodness underneath their demons that I do not understand. I think about wonder and hope I can teach my children to just stop and wonder, look, listen, smell. I want to lay on the floor and look up at the Sistine chapel, I want to see, again, the Trinity by Masaccio, I want to smell the Pharmacia de Santa Maria Novella, I want cappucinos, pasta, tartufo, and wine. I want to experience new and relive some of the old. It will not be the same trip I took years ago, but it will be wonderful because we will make it so.

I will not post for some time unless I have a rare opportunity. You can be sure I will keep a journal, I will take photos, and just like the Terminator - "I'll be back".


Simonetta said...

I wish you a happy and happy-go-lucky trip to Italy, I beg me enjoy you the vacations.
Don't leave space to the bad thoughts. You will think about these to your return

Runner Gurl said...

Have a wonderful time, Biker gurl! I'll be thinking good thoughts about your travels, your pets and your mom.


weirdbunny said...

Have a wonderful time, and take loads of photo's for us !! My son and I got totally lost in Naples in an area that seemed to have no english speaking people. I ket saying to by son, don't worry I'm sure that's the sea in the distance, we'll be back at port soo. Unfortunately it was the sky line, we were going in totally the wrong direction !