Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bike litter

I hosted a bike ride and brunch on Saturday. It was a service I offered for the Youth's talent and service auction. Four of us rode the hills Maryland and the potholes of Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful day, lovely ride, and included the rescue of a turtle. Afterwards, those who did not ride joined us for lunch. I provided delicious paninis, salad with lettuce from my porch, brownies made by Audrey the brownie queen, blueberry coffee cake, fruit, gatorade, water, and iced tea. It was all scarfed down without a crumb left. The riders arrived around 9:30ish and all stayed until 3pm. These were people I was not well acquainted with and they were best friends with each other, yet I did not feel left out. I had a delightful time hearing the stories of their friendship, their history, and their future. I envy them a bit. By the time they left, I had the phone number of the one rider who is within a few miles of me with the promise that we will ride again. Black Betty, you have done your job.

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weirdbunny said...

Blue berry coffee cake ? I adore coffee flavoured cake, but have never heard of it with blueberries. Does it taste good?

Coffee and walnut cake is a combination often on sale, but I don't like the walnuts much, so pull them off ! - love Julia x