Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some Days Are Just Like That

Take Monday, for example. Monday was delightful. No other word could describe it. I went for a great ride on BB, smelling the sweet perfume of honeysuckle, startling some people with my cheery good morning, enjoying the sights and sounds of the back roads. My sister came over and I helped her with a skirt along with completing some much needed mending. Within an hour of her departure, Mom and her friend Sylvia came over with their crocheting. We sat on the patio below, had a delicious dinner, and spent the rest of the early evening up on the deck after the sun went down a bit. Delightful.

Now today has been anything but delightful, starting with a stinky, gross, odor coming from the refrigerator. Cleaning out the fridge makes me gag. It's typically the Prince's job but this smell was not going to wait 4 more days. Later, a conversation just rubbed me the wrong way, I blew off my ride, couldn't find an important email, nobody is returning my phone calls, do you want more? I finally decided that going for a ride was the only way to redeem my day and to take a camera would make it even better. Not! Not even a half mile from the house, I had to stop to figure out how to ride with the camera accessible, one foot out of the clip less pedal (one in - can you tell where this is going?). Like a slapstick comedy, one moment I was standing the next I just toppled over sideways attached to my bike. I dropped the F bomb so loudly a woman 3 houses away came out into the road to see what the commotion was all about. The rest of the ride was not quite that bad, but literally followed that path. I'm home with a sore wrist and dinged dignity. I'm afraid to touch needle and thread for what disaster might strike.

Later in the day....
I stopped at the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine to take with me to my sister's, closed between 1-4 today, What the f***?

Tornados in the area, we are in the basment for a birthday party.

5 or 6 phone cut off cell calls, I finally talk to my Prince.

I'm going to bed.


Rabbit Stitchings said...

Sorry you had such a trying day, When my turn comes :O),I always think gosh my turn again, couldn't possibly be back around to me again! Can't you just envision this cosmic rotation for bad days, lol...

Did the fall off the bike hurt real bad? I have always feared I would crash on one, if I get one! Seems everyone I have known has had a spill of some sort, some not so bad some real bad... Call me chicken little!

Runner Gurl said...

Goodness, biker gurl.... *patting your shoulder*... you had a REALLY sucky day. Here's the good news: life has this miraculous way of balancing things out. You are due some wonderfulness. I will be here... sitting on the edge of my seat... waiting to hear what comes your way!!! It's gonna be GOOD!!

Gail (aka "runner gurl")

P.S. you deserve a merit badge after this day... you EARNED it. Go embroider yourself one.
; )