Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta!

We went out last night to hear to hear some music. The four of us, my sister, her husband, My Handsome Prince and I. We started at their house. Audrey was hanging with her cousins and we were all riding together. We went to a great little restaurant, if you can even call it that. Mexican and Salvadoran food. Mmmmm. We had quite the variety and shared it all. The only thing missing was a margarita.

We went to the Sonar to see The Almighty Senators, The Hold Steady, and The Pretenders. I was primarily interested in seeing The Hold Steady, as I've been listening to their latest cd, but knew Chrissy Hynde would rock. The Almighty Senators were off the wall, with strange lyrics and a zappa-esque sound. Chrissy Hynde was just as expected. Her voice still amazing. The crowd loved her. It was packed, packed, packed. They sang, danced, yelled requests and she loved it all. The Hold Steady was good but...the sound was terrible. You could not hear any vocals above the instruments. They were last, we were tired so we did not stay. My sister decided that Hold Steady was wishfull thinking, the guy couldn't hold still to save his life!
It was a wonderful evening. We laughed all evening, making stupid jokes and rhyming. They are such fun to go out with.


Mama Chelly, Abalicious, Ckarl and Bino said...

We are only as much fun as who we go out with.
(And now, the only words I can think of are "myth" and "fifth". What can you do with THAT?!?)
Let's just hope there's no potato blight...

Anonymous said...

You can make your own fun, that's not a myth.