Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Week In List Form

  • I admit it. I have become a fan of facebook. So much so that I've slacked in blogging. It's blogging in one sentence.
  • Teaching my youngest how to drive, both of us with white nuckles. I'm a nervous wreck and she is doing well. It's the post trauma from the accident. I'm working on my anxiety constantly.
  • Took my first exams, scored a 90 on algebra and unknown in Exercise Science. That one scared ths s**t out of me. Now I'm not so scared.
  • Tasted honest to goodness West Virginia moonshine. Let's just say it burns.
  • Picked up the crochet hook again against my Mother's wishes - but she picked up the knitting needles, so we are even
  • Watched the Presidential debate with other democratic women, and of course MHP. We ranged in age from 20 to 90 but all with similar views
  • No comprendo espanol, nada
  • Attended an awesome new fitness possibility - a barefoot, freedance, mind, body, flow kind of thing. Way fun.

And so it goes. The new week has begun. We are redoing our kitchen. Tomorrow new countertop is being put in and we will buy new flooring. Paint has been chosen. The first of many, many projects to get our house ready for the market, if and when the market improves. We are constantly thinking of the move even though it is at least one year, if not two, away. My friend and neighbor will move soon, Audrey's best friend moved, so it seems right to think about it. But I know a change gonna come yes it will.


Rabbit Stitchings said...

Change is good right! So I am constantly telling myself!

I am now looking at the Yoga cert. pretty serious, calls to make and appointments to go and talk with them...long flipping way to drive back and forth to get this but once I have it, I have it!!!

The dance exercise sounds good, though I must admit I am all 2 left feet, I never did aerobics well due to this or the step, I am always going the opposite and am at least one step behind everyone else in class LOL... running, yoga, and weight lifting those I can do... anything that requires quick coordinated movements I am so not your gal LOL...

Super on your test scores!!! Very good girly! January starts a new semester here. we will see what I do. Will just all depend! :O)...

Janetta said...

Hi Dana. I'm a friend of your dad's. We're sitting here listening to good music, a songwriter -- Richard Shindell. We think you'd like him. Personally, I'm a big fan of Frante.

Dana said...

Hi Janetta it's 6am, coffee in hand, listening to Richard Shindell, not a bad way to wake. Thanks for the tip.