Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time Away

Several weeks ago, I mentioned to My Handsome Prince that we take off work for our anniversary and head to the shore. He was all for it. Our anniversary fell on a weekend. Guess what happened. He took off the week prior and I took off the week after. Hmmm, something went amiss. We still went to the shore, all 4 of us, for the weekend despite Hannah's impending strike. I think she hit our inland residence harder than the shore residence. This is what we did:

We secured our residence

We swam at night in the rain, in the buff (or at least I did, nobody wanted to join me)

We ate twizzlers (okay, me again)

We watched endless movies on tv

We painted Audrey's room

We went to The Clayton to see The Dark Knight
And then the sun came up and we went to the beach

And then they left me. Both girls had to go to school, MHP had to go back to work, and I was playing hookey.

While they were gone, I played house, a guest in my house had totally rearranged my kitchen cabinets much to my irritation. I did homework, by the pool, at the beach.

The town and beach were empty.

I went for late night walks with the dog. And I met my friend, Annette, for Happy Hour at Mangos.

My week came to an end, I reuinited with my family for a few hours and then went our separate ways again. Audrey and I, responding to the call, again. Me painting for the Children's Home in Catonsville, Audrey working with her Youth group, washing cars, demolishing walls, and holding a yard sale. We finished the weekend together with the annual concert on the lawn in Lansdowne with the Nitty Gritty Church Band.

My family was there, Dad, Mom, Sister and family, Auntie, my kids. A great way to end time away.


Anonymous said...

Dana, I was so happy with the concert and the joyful music of Nitty Gritty. It was a strange and unsatisfing summer of concerts and this one rescued it whole season. It was nice to have all of you and all of Rachel's family, Mom and Phyllis there as well as folks from Lansdowne and Temple. A great end to the summer, to Respond to the Call and to a commemoration of 9/11


YHP said...

You went swimming in the buff?
I don't think I knew that or why would I have not joined you?