Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's Not the Grade, it's the Learning

I received my first poor grade, a C. It just about killed me, the overachiever I am. I studied hard, too. But, I studied wrong. Now I know. And that is what it is about. It's about learning, learning the material, learning how to adapt to each instructor, each class, learning how to balance work, school, home. It is early this morning and I my morning will be spent watching an instructional DVD on polynomials, not the most interesting subject, but I want to understand. I will then read a magazine article in Spanish, not something I am very capable of, but I want to understand. I will go to work, go to school, drive with Audrey. Then I have to decide, yoga, paint, knit or more homework. Because that will be the end of my day, so full, so short.
Don't you just love my new countertop? My old one was black laminate. I just caress my hand down this one.
BTW, I got a C in....Exercise Science of all things.


Rabbit Stitchings said...

Love the new counters....

Well okay you got a C, but you know what you got a C because you actually enrolled and stayed in school!! So ahem I say you getting that C puts you miles ahead of someone who weenied out and didn't go back to school!!! :O)... you go girl, C and all!!!!!!!

Runner Gurl said...

Hey biker-gurl!
Tell me about your counter top. I am in the market....

Sorry about the "C". Good for you for getting right back up on the horse. Don't let it slow you down.

: )