Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beauty in the Mundane

I think the Shutter Sisters posted a theme recently of finding beauty in the mundane. Usually, I'm pretty good at this. Right now, I suck. I am having difficulty finding beauty in the mundane. I am struggling with school, speed reading, memorizing, not learning, except math (thank you Diane). You know those comcast commercials? If only it really worked instead of just feeling like you are in hyperdrive. I finished writing a half assed abstract today, am planning my time at work to include reading a chapter - taking notes, and staying up late to do same. Tomorrow morning will be another chapter, another subject. I have five papers due this week and an exam all in the same subject, and no, contrary to popular belief, I have not procrastinated. This online exercise science class is killing me. Tons of reading, a quiz every week, plus a website to peruse and a discussion board to contribute to. I feel like I have to know it all so consequently try to memorize rather than learn. The real killer is that I would love this class in lecture style. Live and learn.

So needing some comfort, I am baking cookies. I will win the heart of my daughter who will come home to dinner ready and warm cookies and then I will go to work. The cookies will not help my weight issue but they will warm my heart, taste good, and make me feel like a good Mom.

The act of baking cookies - beautiful.


Mama Chelly, Abalicious, Ckarl and Bino said...

What kind?
I am trying to do the same every week. With so little quiet, down time in my week, I am trying to grasp the few moments/minutes/hour or two every week to be domestic (make a meal, bake some cookies, go through recipes, etc.). It has turned out for me to be Wednesday afternoons. Right in the middle of our frantic week is a half hour guitar lesson. Perfect. It gives me incentive to have a neat house, put a movie on for Sambino and putter in the kitchen while being serenaded by my budding rock star.
It truly is beautiful.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Oh girly, those online classes... I heard when in school they were torture... you hang in there ... your doing so great really!!

Cookies are good for us all once in a while .. so ok you do an extra few minutes at the gym :O).. they are worth it :O)..

Did you see I didn't chicken out ... I did the 5k :O)... and you were so right in your comment to read my quote!!