Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Monday my sister called, she was about to lose it. Today was my day. We spoke briefly yesterday, me talking about the pain in my neck, she grinding her teeth, both agreeing there is something wrong with us. Again the phrase, somethings gotta give, but what? I gave up 3 cycle classes a week and it's not enough. This morning, arriving at work to teach my last morning cycle class, no one shows and I lose my car keys. I could feel the tears welling in the back of my eyes, my throat tight, bemoaning my karma. I walked out and there on the front counter of the YMCA were my keys. That's when I realized my karma was excellent! No one showed for class so I could, of all things, go to the dump to get rid of the countertop that's been in the back of my truck for several days. I lost my keys but someone found them. I had two tests today and while these things didn't improve my ability to excel, my mood was certainly lifted (but I still do not like my math lab and will not repeat on the world wide web what I say about it every Wednesday). I have made my post for my online class and will write my spanish speech while watching a movie with the Sergeant Major. I'm starting to catch up rather than back track. See? Karma.

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Mama Chelly, Abalicious, Ckarl and Bino said...

I know that much of what you and I do is for others...teaching, errand-running, taxi-ing, etc. I know that its these things that take us to the edge of our sanity. I also know that it is appreciated and that we are loved.
Karma, good good karma.
Thanks for the call yesterday.