Monday, March 09, 2009

Deep Sigh

On Friday, a little after noon, I loaded up the truck and hit the road. The ipod was on shuffle, rocking the beat, the sun was shining, windows down, on my way to pick Audrey up, on my way to the shore. Deep sigh. I felt relief. Relief from an extensive medical examination that showed no abnormalities after two prior minor tests showed a reason for concern. I felt elation at the sun shining, warmth spreading down my arm out the window. I felt contentment, going to the shore with my girl, meeting my sister and her gang. I crossed the bridge the water shining bright, ahhh. I reached home, inhaled deeply, for I love the smell of this house, unpacked a bit, took a look around and discovered it was looking more like a home than a vacation getaway. I cracked open a 90 minute IPA, again, ahhh. And so began the weekend.
We hosted my sister, her husband, their 3 children, plus their chinese exchange student, whose American name is Ocean, and their 2 dogs. The house was an explosion of noise with growls, yips, scuttling paws, laughter, music, wonderful chaos, with a tiny getaway in my back bedroom for brief escapes. Shopping at the ACTS store in the morning, heading our separate ways for the afternoon, meeting back for a romp on the beach and hosting another family for dinner and the chinese teacher made for a fun filled weekend. Sunday was quiet after everyone left, a bit of peace, a bit of sadness.

We played the jump game

Some of us got in the water

Some just played on the edge

And some worked wonders with the dogs

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