Sunday, March 01, 2009

I Got Love for You

Michael Franti wrote a song for his son when he turned 21 and hopped on a bus to find his own way in the world. It's about loving, leaving, seeking, waiting, shining. It's tender, sweet, freeing, giving, inspiring and so lovely to hear performed live. It is a treasure.

Michael Franti rocked the house, again. This was the end of his tour and I got to see it twice, I don't think New Orleans counts. He brings such enegy to the stage, such good vibes, such rocking fun! We had dancing girls and dancing guys with Cherine Anderson, who were totally uninhibited. There were no breaks between songs, a constant beat. At one point as MF started a love song, he invited this girl up, asked if she had a boyfriend, invited him up then gave him the mic to sing "All I want is You". The guy professed his love to MF, to Spearhead, then got down on one knee pulled out a ring and professed his love to his girl. Everyone loved it! The same little guy that was in DC (with his fingers in a perpetual peace sign )was at this concert. He was brought on stage and sang loudly and clearly, in its entirety "Say, Hey I love You". He was only 4. We went again with My sister and her husband, who brought their daughter and their Chinese exchange student, who had to be reeled in once in a while she was enjoying it so much. She would dance her way up closer to the stage. We met some friends from church, some we knew were going to be there some we didn't. There was a girl behind me, totally smashed, who constantly petted my hair, wrapped her arms around my neck, held my hands in the air and danced. There was a guy in front of me who smelled like beef and cheese with a funky hat that obstructed my view. Everyone danced, everyone sang and no one left so we did not get to say "Hey, I love you". That's ok, I already did it at the last one. He knows it.
After the concert, we met our eldest, Emma for her first legal drink in a bar. She and some of her friends were dressed in 80's gear. She was nervous, excited and a little tipsy already. We did car bombs, mmmm, and something else called a chocolate cake which I could have done without but a chance to do shots with your daughters friends? How can you pass up the invitation to be at the party, part of the party? I hope she is well this morning.

Earlier in the day, she had arranged a laser tag party. There were birthday parties going on all over this laser tag place but they were for 11 year old boys not 21 year old girls. We intimidated this group of kids who were going to play with us (they thought against us) but the place broke us all up so we were all mixed together. Let me say this. Laser Tag Rocks! It is so much to run around in the dark, hiding, seeking, attacking, being attacked (everyone knew when I was attacked as I always screamed), getting lost. I can't wait to do it again. And I didn't wet my pants laughing, well not much anyway.
How did it come to be that this little baby is 21? And there is another right behind her forging her own path. When did I age?

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Love you Mommy!!!