Monday, March 30, 2009

A Weekend of Music

Emmagirl was in a production of The Who's Tommy this past week and weekend. I went to see it three times. I can never get enough of seeing my children and my "adopted" children perform. What an odd and disturbing story. I went so much as to spend an afternoon watching the movie prior to an evening performance. The movie was given to me by a man at the gym, a product of the time, who thought it was the best movie/musical ever made. I've had his copy for over a year. Many times he'd ask me if I watched it yet, and always my answer was no. Now I am sorry I did not take the time to watch before I stopped working so we could discuss it. It would have been very interesting to hear his comments, his take, and why it spoke to him. I tried to call him several times to invite him and take him to the musical at the college and never reached him.

On Sunday was the NGCB featuring My Handsome Prince. I never get tired of hearing him sing. Now he walks around singing something I would rather not hear, a catchy, irritating tune. This one is much better.


YHP said...

This was in honor of my grandfather E.L. "Shorty" Grapes who died 1 year ago today. He was the "Greatest Man on Earth" and is truly missed.
Thanks for posting it sweetie,

Dana said...

Yes he was my darling and I miss him too. You are his Grandson.

Runner Gurl said...

*looking around*
It sure is quiet here, biker gurl.

Are you so busy with body transformation 2009 that you forgot to post to your blog???
; )

I hope all is well.