Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Self Indulgence

I have been weary, weepy, overwhelmed. My feelings have been hurt on more than one occasion by insensitive people. I have two homes that are a complete disaster. Purging and packing take so much physical and mental energy. As excited as I am to move, I know it will be so so difficult. So today, to relieve some stress, some pressure, I went for a walk. Honey and I walked a couple miles. She's a big fat fat fatty and could use the exercise. I'm on my way to a BFFF if I don't watch it because I keep reducing the classes I teach. Anyway, what a tonic to be out in the fresh crisp air and sunshine. Now I return to my busy life, with studying, school, proofing Audrey's senior portraits, and it's the opening night of The Who's Tommy at the college with none other than Emma in a significant role. Busy, busy, busy but I made time for me.

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