Monday, November 02, 2009

Getting Around

As part of trying to meet residents of the Eastern Shore, I have found numerous guilds in the area.  There are several quilt guilds, a rug hooking guild, an embroidery guild, and a few knitting groups.  When I put all of them in my calendar I look like quite the social butterfly.  Needless to say, some of them will fall by the wayside.  Today was the monthly meeting of the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild which meets in Lewes (that's Loo-is, and yes it is) DE.  I love, love, love Lewes.  Today's speakers were three African American women whose presentation was on the legend of the Underground Railroad.  One would tell the story, one would sing old spirituals, and one would hold a quilt up as the storyteller spoke of it's significance in the journey to freedom.  It was a most lovely presentation based on historical facts, folklore and the individual need for personal freedom that is a universal need not based on any race, creed or religion.  Later in the day, I walked to the local quilt shop to buy a spool of basic off white quilting thread to finish an old project.  The owner said "thanks, bye Dana".  I think I'm starting to get around.

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Anonymous said...

I would have loved the quilt guild. And yes, you are making a name for yourself. All good.