Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This Is The Day

To Do
General straightening
A load of laundry
Attend a meeting of the local knitting guild (my first, alone, in a new place)
Hook some women up with wireless
Patch my jeans - eventually  I want them to look like this
Stop eating cake

Make My Day
An excited wave from a recently met neighbor
Walking the dogs
My youngest, thinking/talking about her college decisions which are a bit unconventional, imagine that, awesome

Coffee with cream served in this

Being so absorbed in a telephone conversation with my sister that I pull over and am lost and late to knitting guild meeting, so, so worth it
A friendly, creative, open, inspiring knitting group
A walk on the beach, standing at the waters edge, and being the only one as far as the eye can see

Not So Hot
Dogs in the garbage
Leaving lovely pitcher of cream on counter all day
No success in the stop eating cake department


Texan said...

Girly I like the jeans, would like a pair like too :O)....

I would love to run on that beach!!

mama chelly said...

Thank you, big sis, for so so much.