Monday, November 16, 2009

The Storm

The rain and wind started Thursday.  I called Mom advising her to check the weather and road conditions before she started across the bridge.  She arrived late afternoon Thursday, flustered.  It was a bad drive.  Because I had barely left the house all day, I sent Audrey to school that evening and regretted it immediately after she left.  So much so that My Handsome Prince and I went to pick her up after class and drive her car home for her.  While we were gone, the volunteer fire alarm went off so of course Mom could not rest until all were safe at home.  By Friday, the rain had subsided and we ventured into Rehoboth to pick up the necessities, sock yarn, growlers of Dogfish Head beer, and the makings of molasses cookies.   I was advised not to try to get into work in Bethany as Rt 1 was closed from Rehoboth to Bethany and Rt. 26 had a lot of standing water. We had a lovely visit, knitting, baking, shopping, watching movies, web surfing, laughing, talking.  On Saturday, we ventured into town, this is what we encountered:

one entrance closed - Pennsylvania Avenue remained closed on until Sunday and even then....

submerged wooden walkway

floaters from the post office
These are just a few images from the Conference Center.  After checking the chapel and Campbell Hall, we ventured to the beach. 

Beach devestation

We thought we were prepared for the water with our cute boots from a well known store but little did we know that they were not water tight.  Audrey actually poured water out of her boot.   As Li'l Sis says, cute is overrated.


Anonymous said...

A good slide show showing the amount of water in Bethany Beach and giving a perspective of how much worse it could have been.

Texan said...

wow thats a lot of water!!