Friday, November 06, 2009


New BFF - Please be advised this is a position being created not a replacement position. 
Location: the closer, the better, within a few miles is ideal especially for impromptu cups of coffee, project sharing or the inevitable borrowing of a cup of sugar or an egg, but even a distance of 20 miles is acceptable.
Qualifications:  Must be creative and practice either knitting, rug hooking, sewing, quilting, embroidery, photography or fitness.  Of course, being proficient in other art/craft forms is a bonus.  As a counter balance, it would be good for applicant to like gardening, home decorating, and cooking or baking. Applicant should have a good sense of humor as laughter will be a large part of the job, along with a few tears, so sensitivity is also a necessary quality.  Strength, to rein me in when I tackle to much and patience when I go on a tirade of a subject that I am passionate about are important qualities.  Applicant should be resistant to obnoxious behavior and a loud voice.  Roadtrips are an occasional job requirement, usually to some sort of shop, bar, restaurant, or concert.   Music, books, beer and coffee.  Need I say more?  Most of all, applicant should have an open mind and open heart and have the ability to open mine too, patience to develop this position for it may take a while to determine the parameters and a friendly smile. 


Jeanne said...

Wish I lived a little closer :)

Texan said...

I am your gal! Just one itty bitty problem... the 20 miles .... mmmmmm but other than that I am perfect for the position, tee hee :O)...

How fun would that be!

Dana said...

You ladies are wonderful! Thank you. I, too, wish you were closer. I will continue my search and enjoy my cyber friends.