Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Remember that saying? It was a poster in our kitchen growing up. Today was a day of change. Emma is officially a college student away from home. Today was the day, my heart breaking, my daughter saying she wanted to go back home, didn't want this, my husband short and testy with everything we had to do, Audrey caught between boredom and the uncontrollable urge to torment her sister, and me with whatever it takes, to strengthen and encourage, while all I wanted to do was leave. My family wants all the details and I don't want to talk to anyone.

On another note, this is very exciting. She is doing something neither MHP nor I ever did. She called later to see how her sister's "date" went and also told me she will apply for the overseas study that happens during spring break. That's a good thing. She didn't want to talk long. The three of us left at home went for a swim (we are pool sitting again, along with chicken and goat sitting), and watched a movie "The World's Fastest Indian" . New dynamics for our family.

Emma and her roommate are "thoulmates" , as they would say. They have the same major, a little sister, and came with the same pillow, and color scheme. I hope these discoveries continue on a deeper level. It is all good.


Anonymous said...


It sure is a transition and it sure is good, just as life is good. I know that Emma will do well. She will meet people who will be remembered and be friends for all of life, she will learn in a way she has not yet experienced. She will deal with faculty, some of whom will be brilliant, will care about students and will open doors on ideas. When kids go away to college, you will have them back as adults whom you love and who love you. A great, good gift. I know because I have two adult children who are great good gifts to me.


autum said...

I know what you're going through. It is so hard when our babies leave the nest. Take care, I'll be thinking about you. Your dad's comment is so sweet.

Haole Girl said...

Dana - I saw your comment on DaMomma's blog and can really relate. I just returned from taking my daughter to college....it was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do.

My thoughts are with you and your daughter!