Monday, August 28, 2006

Since My Last Post...

  • Audrey's had a job interview at the library
  • Audrey got a paper route - 1 day a week
  • Had a back to school party for 15 freshman (Audrey's friends)
  • Floated down the Gunpowder in an innertube with 20 other people - a defininte do over!
  • Spoken to Emma several times and listened to her ups and downs - I operate by the no news is good news theory, yet am always anxious to receive a call or e-mail from her.
  • Audrey started high school this morning!
  • Had crabs, again! Yummm.
  • State Fair today - I did not enter my rug as entry day was packing and moving day. I'll save it for next year.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, you ask me a question on my blog if I need to weave in lots of little strands when working with two colors on the dishcloth. The lucky thing is that you don't. Each row is knit only with one color and the other color not in use just hangs at the side. When you switch colors, just drop the color you were using at the side and pick up the new color that was hanging. I hope that helps.