Friday, August 18, 2006

A Maryland Farewell

Three girls, different schools, different communities, same church, growing up together. One off to California, one to Kentucky, and one to Virginia.

What could be more appropriate than a crab feast, featuring fresh, live crabs straight from the Eastern Shore courtesy of My Handsome Prince who was doing time in Salisbury. That's a bushel and a half you see there.

Emma actually wrote her name on this one.

A Serenade by one of the Father's and Grandfather of "Susannah's a Funny Old Man". I think this was before too much wine/beer was imbibed.

The girl's table. The other two, Audrey and Sam are buddies just like the three. We'll be doing this again before we know it!

The Moms.

The spirit of one of the Dads, evident in a quilt made by two of the Moms.

The Last at the table.

And life goes on. We have done our jobs as families, parents, siblings, friends, and a community of faith to send these girls off into another phase of their lives. Life is good.

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