Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Summer Cold

I've got a summer cold. I don't feel good. It comes at a pretty good time, if there ever is one. I don't have to teach any classes. My work schedule is limited. I can rest during the day. Resting is good. I've napped, I've read. I don't feel up to hand work, so I've turned on the tv. Now, anyone who knows me, knows I don't watch tv. Evenings are usually spent reading, working, sewing or running with the girls. For the past day and a half I've managed to catch the worst and parts of the best. I've watched a Chuck Norris infomercial, Next - MTV's version of dating game, part of the movie "Dogma" which made me want to rent again, Montel and Jerry, the Carroll County Government channel with the debate on the dog tethering law, Hulk Hogans family, and slept through Alex Anderson Simply Quilts which featured Sue Spargo (a shame, since I like her style). Unfortunately, I never hit upon a Lifetime movie, which is generally favored upon us sick girls. They are great to snoozing material. I hope tomorrow's line up is better.

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YHP said...

I hope you feel better honey.