Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Resurrecting a Theme

All kinds of themes show up in blogs. A year or two ago Corners of My Home was a theme. Many, many years ago when my Aunt Nell was selling her home, she asked the grandchildren what they might want out of her home. If I could find the essay that one of the granddaughters wrote, I would ask permission to post. It spoke of the corners of her home and love and memories there.

Here is a corner of my home, my refrigerator. Everyone knows I collect magnets. Some tacky, some pretty, some inspirational, some just a carryout business. Elvis is up there and so are my girls. What started as a cheap souveneir that I would get myself while away has turned into a cheap gift that people bring me when they go away. My sister just brought back a set of magnets in spanish. I love them! I am anything but organized in my home but my magnets are all pretty well organized and spaced. One evening my sisters in law were laughing about them. The next morning they were all over the place, upside down, sideways, total chaos. We all had a laugh. Everyone once in a while (like today) I clean the front of the fridge, wipe the magnets, and rearrange them. There are memories associated with them, such as the magnet from Blackwater Falls when we were newlyweds, the one from my daughter when she went to Honduras, the one from the Tower of Terror, Jazz Fest, our annual trip to Cape Henlopen, individual trips, family trips and so on and so one.

We have discussions constantly on what will go with us, what will we trash, what will we store for the girls, what we will give away. We only have 12 years in this house but that is enough. Of course my magnets will go with me but it won't be the same. Somehow it will be different. That's ok, we'll build from there.

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