Monday, November 10, 2008


This is the current state of my kitchen. We had two separate epidosodes of water damage to our rustic pine floor, one from the water line to the refrigerator, one from the toilet. The damage was surveyed and we received an estimate to replace the floor. Decisions. After some thought, we opted to do the work ourselves, and put the money into the counter, paint and floor. Last night we spent the evening pulling up the pine boards.

I was speaking with a friend at church yesterday. We are both at a point at our lives where we need to make some decisions. It's not easy and requires stepping out of our comfort zone. Another friend confided in me the decision to leave her husband. My decisions are not nearly as monumental as that but yet they affect my days, my time, my life.
  • I have decided to step back from my job a bit, working only two nights a week
  • I have decided to take only one, maybe two classes next semester instead of my usual three.
  • I have decided to work on the house to prepare it for market in the spring, with the intent of looking for an apartment for the last year here in Carroll County
  • I have decided to live at the shore house for the summer

Not major decisions but they feel good, feel right.

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Rabbit Stitchings said...

Is it our age? I can so relate to some decisions to be made... seems the last couple years have been that here as well... and still making them! Luckily none of them here are sad ones (like your friends) just changing up life some and figuring out what our best plan is :O)... frustrating at times YES!!

Well change and growth go hand in hand, growth as a humnan is good right? LOL

Funny we just considered an apartment our selves in town, as a place to stay during the week, we looked seriously but have decided to put it back on the back burner for now. But haven't totally ruled it out...

We have no plans to sell our place in the country, we love it...but its a long way from pretty much anything LOL, so we figured an apartment could be a good option for during the week...then as it turned out the decision for now was maybe later...

Sounds like the decision to slow down at school and work while you get your house ready to sell is a good one. House projects are usually quite time consuming and mentally exhausting...

Good luck to you :O)