Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Shoes

My BFFL put on some new shoes. Shortly before she left this morning, we were dancing around the kitchen to this song.

The original plan for the weekend at the shore was just Audrey and I, homework, walking the dogs, painting her bedroom. I planned on a bit of crafting and playing house. I had invited my BFFL but never heard whether she was actually coming until after Audrey and I hit the road. Her visit is just what we both needed. This is what we did:

Bonded playing rockband

Found symbolism in many things, past and present

We went thrifting where Audrey and Laura found their common interest, vintage, crazy clothes, Audrey finding an 80's colorful jacket and Laura a cheerleading outfit.

We went to the beach, where Laura totally indulged and participated in my pledge to get into the water every time I am here. She was lucky enough to have not gone commando.

The water was cold and cleansing and wonderful. We received laughs and smiles from observers and luckily did not get arrested for public nudity when we stripped down as discretely as possible in the parking lot.

There are advantages to having a car full of crap, sheets to dry off with and extra clothes to change into even if they are sweaty or extremely large.

Peach and Twink, kindred spirits. The first time my daughters saw her crossing the parking lot from the back, they both said, "She looks like you Mom". We stayed up late everynight, we quoted movies, talked music, watched Superbad, played rockband with Audrey who kicked our asses and laughed. We were in the moment. When she left this morning, she cried a bit. I'm missing her already. We will be back to work, crossing paths at the Y, and I'll probably be calling soon for a massage. This wednesday we will go together to see Michael Franti, now that will be a party.

Audrey and I are sitting here watching Hook, her favorite movie when she was about 4. I thanked her for sharing our weekend with Laura. She laughed and said, "She's just like my friends." We will pack up shortly. It's always a bit difficult to leave but I always know I can come back.

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Peach said...

Am tearing up as I read of the shore weekend. May everyone be lucky enough to have a friend like Twink.