Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finnegan Begin Again

Well, it's Tuesday and we are in the routine again. BUT...tomorrow is the last day for radiation. I was going to invite the girls for the bell ringing but it does not really mean anything to My Handsome Prince. Radiation is just one piece of the whole pie. When it's all said and done then he can whack the shit out of something, have a party, scream at the top of his lungs, whatever. I think our friends Tom and Pam might come out for it but that's because they have gone through the whole thing. It gives us an excuse to get together, maybe go out to eat.

We had a quiet/busy weekend. I was busy, he was quiet. Pat was given instructions upon his release from the hospital not to go out, stay away from crowds, chill. So that's what he did. I felt the need to get things done or at least started. I had coffee with some friends who helped me bring home chairs I had stored at the center all winter. What a perfect early Saturday morning (so much so that i might even do it this Saturday!)Laundry, shopping, wedding research filled the hours of the day. Sunday another friend came over to help repair and paint the chairs. She came bearing gifts along with the gift of her time, a growler of EVO Rise Up stout for me and a snowflake obsidian for Pat. She told the story of her sister giving her the healing stone when she was going through her own cancer treatments. She wanted Pat to have it, to feel its healing energies. I'm not sure any of us could see straight after that.

And now here we are in the city again. We will stay through Friday. Wednesday will be the last radiation treatment as I said but also a visit with the medical oncologist to get the next portion of the schedule. I have a hair appointment with the girl who used to do my hair for years. We are going to Chris's (future SIL)performance Thursday night, then home, sweet home. For how long, who knows?

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