Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Snow or Mow

On Monday it snowed in Baltimore. I woke to 2 1/2 - 3 inches on the deck but nothing on the roads. I watched for an hour or more before I ventured out, just to be safe. I was complaining about the snow, the wet, the weather and having to be out in it. When I went to bed that night I realized that last year, by this time, we had mowed our lawn twice. Oh, and we complained about that last year too. Time to change the 'tude!

That has nothing to do with My Handsome Prince's health update.

He was admitted on Friday for this last round of chemotherapy before surgery. He was attended to by some familiar staff and some not familiar but all kind, caring, and for the most part attentive. He had several visitors including both his sisters and their manses, an old friend from Manchester, Audrey (Emma was sick all weekend :-( ), and of course his Dad and Suzan who make the trip weekly. Our friend Rick came by before he was admitted and we talked music, family and church and when he left we gathered in a circle for a word of prayer. It was a good weekend or as good a weekend on chemotherapy can be. He tolerated treatment with no issues, heard the latest with family and friends, listened to Car Talk and watched The Walking Dead.

We are home now. In our own home. For a couple weeks (say your prayers, keep your fingers crossed, breathe, meditate whatever you do to send intentions that nothing goes awry). We have two small freezers full of absolutely delicious food from our congregation. Mom is around. We have our dog. The sun is shining. A walk is in order and maybe even a quick, inspiring visit to the beach over the next few days. We will take our time adjusting to being home, relaxing and getting things in order. It is time for him to rest, gather his strength, nothing more, nothing less.

I must admit, there was a bit of sadness as I packed up yesterday. No walks with EmmaGirl, no visits from Audge, no Cooking with Sissy, and no Marie. We have enjoyed living with Marie. But we will be back and she says our room is open.

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