Friday, March 08, 2013


I lost a whole week. No motivation for anything. I just went through the motions. But I am back and here is our update:
My Handsome prince was admitted to Hopkins at 8:30pm on Thursday, a week ago. Despite them having a bed for him, they were not quite ready for him. His chemotherapy was not ordered and did not start until 2:00pm the following day. And that is pretty much how the entire time went. In terms of the chemo, by the third bag he was pretty wiped out. Radiation treatment began the day after he was released. He's not feeling great, nothing really specific, just not good.
Yesterday we attended the Deployment Ceremony for the 290th MP Company. Pat was pretty much incognito, out of uniform, knit hat for his head and a mask over his nose and mouth. Yet most still knew it was him. In my observation he is well liked, respected and even loved by his work community. I know it was important to him to see this second group of soldiers off to their deployment.
Community seemed to be the theme this last week. I love driving through Audge's neighborhood on Saturday. She lives in a primarily Jewish neighborhood. On Saturdays, they walk to the Synagogue and home. They are in groups, families. I love the fact that they live and worship in the same community. We have a community in our congregation in Bethany who have filled a freezer full of food for us, a community of people in Catonsville with whom we we have not worshipped in years who still welcome us with open arms, and our community in the radiation department of Hopkins who missed us during our week off. Community is good for when you are lost, someone is there to guide you even when you aren't aware you needed it.


Deon said...

Love to you, dear Dana. I am glad you have loved ones surrounding you through these challenges. I send you and Pat my prayers and hugs, too.

Molly's Family said...

What a challenging week you both had! We are so glad that you had caring people surrounding you. And, you know that God is right beside you every step of the way. We are happy you are home in Dagsboro. We continue to keep you, Pat, and your family in our prayers. I know Molly misses Honey! She sends her woof woofs!!!
Take care and God Bless. Molly's Family