Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Take The Good With The Bad

We formed a community (there is that word again) with the people in the same general radiation time slot. I remember, just a few weeks ago, being the newcomer and wondering how they can speak with such ease as I panicked. Last week there was a newcomer. Her man was being treated and she was crying quietly. I should have had the courage to sit by her and just touch her hand, but I didn't. I thought about her all weekend. Today she was just like the rest of us, finding the solidarity that comes with the illness and the treatment. One of our friends, Tom, got to ring the bell today, his treatment done. He left with all of us promising to stay in touch. As he left he said he loved us. And I know he does, and we him/them. He waited for Pat to finish his treatment so Pat could witness it. They shook hands with tears as men sometimes do, and wished each other good health. I took their photo.
Pat had a rough day today and rough night last night. He developed a fever last night. After an emergency call to the on call oncologist, it was decided that he should go to urgent care in the hospital in the morning. All of his body fluids were taken and tested. He has developed neutropenia. Several of his blood counts have dropped so low and his body has no way to fight off any infection. They are unsure of the source of the infection so are treating him with a wide spectrum antibiotic. He was admitted into the hospital and will stay a day or two. He will most likely receive a blood transfusion. By the end of the day today, he had eaten a bit, taken some drugs and sweet talked a nurse into making him a milkshake (actually she offered, should I be worried?). I do believe he is in good hands.
I go to bed tonight thankful for so much, a couple "I love you"s, caring, tender nurses in urgent care and 4a, a doctor who seeks us out in that great expanse of a hospital, endurance, and human kindness and connection in so many forms.


Rebecca Meade said...

I just wanted to let you know that I follow you journey through your blog an FB. Know that the lack of comments is not from lack of concern but rather from a lack of knowing what to say other than I am thinking of you and praying for you both daily. I hope Pat
is feeling a little better today. HUGS ....That's right HUGS.. Becky

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana, I have struggled with whether to contact you ...well I have decided for several reasons to reach out to show my support. I have been following along with Pat's FB posts and your blog. Since we have never met it is hard to know how to start a conversation with you, or even if you would want a conversation with me. Well, I guess I have started haven't I? I just would like for you to know that I am thinking of and praying for you, Pat and your girls. I understand that you have a huge support base in your life, just add me to the list. How can I help? I'm a hugger so...well...here goes...Hugs, Angela

Texan said...

I want to add a big Texas ((((((HUG)))))) to your pile of hugs!

On a side note, girly I learned to swim! Yep scaring 49 years old and I learned to swim! I am loving it!