Friday, March 22, 2013


Things that made me happy today:
Audge and Lola coming over for coffee and breakfast
New sock yarn
Several kisses and a "thank you for being you" from My Handsome Prince
Jewish men and boys walking to their Temple
Pieces of April on tv even though it makes me cry
Rise Up Stout in bottles
The view from the Man's room

Patrick finished his radiation treatments on Wednesday for this portion of treatment. It's possible more will be on the agenda after surgery but I believe it depends on the surgery. The day he finished he immediately had an appointment with his medical oncologist who wanted to admit him yesterday for this last round of chemotherapy before surgery. We had other plans and went to dinner with family in Westminster and to Carroll Community College's production of Spring Awakening starring none other than Chris Z, our future son-in-law. It was a good night.

Instead he was admitted today for this round of chemotherapy. We got the call and were able to be there within the hour. He is on the same floor and section he has been twice before. They are starting to know him, know us. It's comforting. I am better preparing myself for any issues that may arise, even if we are home. And so it goes.

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