Thursday, July 25, 2013

Holy Frijoles, it's Friday!

We are a family that believes no news is good news. When I don't write, it's one of two things, no news or I am too bitchy and bitter to write something that won't upset someone, including me or My Handsome Prince. The last few days have actually been a bit of both.

Pat was finally released from Beebe on Wednesday.  His counts were not rising fast enough so several neupogen boosts were given and even a couple bags of platelets were needed. Wednesday morning the staff at Beebe was happy with his blood labs and told him he was good to go. We came home, re packed our already packed bags and hit the road for Baltimore. Emma and I had plans to see some good music, Audrey and Pat had plans to watch movies and hang out. The docs said it was ok so that's what we did.  Great concert, bad movie a good nights rest and we came home on Thursday mid  afternoon. We needed it.

His hair follicles are beginning to hurt and he can pull his hair out of his head, face and chest. Emma buzzed his head to avoid clumps in the shower. Other than that, he is feeling good. A communication with his Hopkins oncologist said that if his blood counts look normal on Monday, they'll hit him again next week :-( 

The light is there it just needs to shine a bit brighter.


Molly's Family said...

Glad you were able to spend time with the girls. Hope you are enjoying the weather we are having. It is nice to have the lower humidity. Your last line about the light shining a little brighter made me think of that song "This Little Light of Mine." I know the light will shine brighter for both of you. Your strong faith and love are bringing you through. Take care and be blessed. Molly's Family

Texan said...