Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Another birthday. Our baby turned 21. Officially we are parents of adults now but it has been evident for some time. But Audrey? 21?! We decided to celebrate somewhat locally to Mt. Washington just in case and went to Woodberry Kitchen. What a lovely place in a very cool area! We were greeted with glasses and a bottle of Prosecco compliments of my Sissy. Such a surprise and a treat! We enjoyed dressing up, being out, conversation and presents. All too soon, it ended as My Handsome Prince experienced a wave of sickness and I immediately took him home. The restaurant was quick in packing up my dinner (it was just coming to the table) and we were off. The girls and their manses stayed, enjoyed their dinners and got special desserts from Woodberry in honor of the day. Just before midnight they texted and were on their way to the tavern and did I want to meet for one last, quick drink? I walked down the hill and we ended the evening very low key. Though the birthdays were not what we may have wanted or expected! they were both special because we were all together for them for the first time in a long while. 
My Handsome Prince is feeling fine this morning. We are heading home today. Time for him to isolate himself for a few days, time for me to work for a few days. As usual, we will miss our girls. 

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Welcome home.