Saturday, July 20, 2013


It's Saturday and we are attempting a semblance of normal by listening to Car Talk which is something we have done on Saturday mornings since we got married, I think. But the difference today is we are sitting in a room in Beebe Medical Center. Or maybe that is the norm? Late in the evening last night, My Handsome Prince developed a fever. I made the phone calls to Hopkins, sent the emails to Hopkins, sent the text messages to family, while he packed his overnight bag, primarily packed. As a side note, we both keep a bag packed with our hospital necessities. Both have very different items. We were advised to go to the local ED while Hopkins informed them of our arrival. The usual cultures and counts taken, there was no question of his admission as his neutrophil count was one. Yes, one lonely neutrophil.  And this is where we are, waiting for those neutrophils to reproduce, while the antibiotics ward off the evils of even the simplest bacteria.
This afternoon began my week of time off from work. I worked last week even while in Baltimore, placing orders, fielding phone calls and emails. I was looking forward to a sunset paddle tonight, some real chilling with my Man, some beach time, some real time off.  They have been somewhat thwarted. Instead my time will be filled with knitting and podcasts and watching someone sleep.  And maybe I will walk to Lewes Bake Shop for a cappuccino and goodie. Yep that's a good thing.


James G said...

"One is a lonely number", especially when it comes to neutrophils!
Here's hoping that those tiny suckers will multiply like little bunnies over night and you get on your way home as soon as possible!!
A walk to the Lewes Bake Shop sounds like a great idea!!

Texan said...

Well poo, one... I hope these neutrophils will get on with the multiplying thing and quickly! I must confess I don't know what they are. But if we need more then I hope they make out like crazy and lots of baby neutrophils will be along toot sweet!

I so think you should walk to the Bake Shop and get yourself some java and snacks!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many neutrophils we should have but I'm pretty sure it is more than one. Yes, I want them to multiply like crazy. Good coffee and a delicious pastry is good for the soul.