Monday, July 29, 2013


Today My Handsome Prince had his blood drawn at the Tunnel Cancer Center. We probably waited an hour. We talked about how much of our time is spent just waiting as it is for most cancer patients. While we have found staff at both facilities to be kind, compassionate, competent and above, I wonder if they think about this precious time. Every minute is precious and can not be given back. We had a lovely weekend with Emma and Chris with no agenda. Time was on our side with plenty of lounging by the pool, movies and good eats. Sunday it was back to work for me. There is a large group of 64 for the week. Time will be scarce for me this week.

All levels are good for my man so they are ready to knock him back down. Already got the phone call that they will be ready for him tomorrow. Lets hope not. Pat's sister and Mom are heading this way and they don't get out here very often. Again, we need that time, they need that time.  But...I am anxious to see my Audrey.

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