Saturday, August 17, 2013

Home Again, Again

We are home again. After I finished knitting my sweater, I started a hat. The NP from the Tunnel Cancer Ceneter said when I finished the hat My Handsome Prince was finished. When she walked in yesterday she asked if I was finished, I said close enough and she said well he is too! The crash is so sudden as is the recovery. Our girls were home waiting for us, anxious to see their Dad. We started a movie together but neither Pat nor I could stay up. Fatigue set in.  Today will be a quiet day for him. I think he wants to meet up with his good friend Andy, hang with the girls, snooze with puppies. I'm up early and back to work. Ugh. I have gotten to the point of absolute dread. 

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Molly's Family said...

We are so happy that you and Pat are home! It is wonderful that the girls are here. Hopefully, work will pass by quickly today. Rest, enjoy your family and puppies! Give our best to Pat. We continue to pray for the Lord to continue to heal Pat. Take care and May God Bless all of you.