Monday, August 05, 2013

Round 2 or 5

We kind of scheduled this one ourselves. We had company coming that doesn't come very often so we wanted to ensure we had time to enjoy them. I also really felt the need to complete some things at work. On Friday, we left without knowing whether My Handsome Prince would be admitted or not. The thought of tourist traffic on Saturday or Sunday filled us with dread. We arrived in Baltimore without any problem. We called Hopkins every so often during the whole journey but never got through. While grocery shopping one of our favorite nurses called Pat and asked "where are you?! We are ready and waiting." And they were. Everything laid out, everything ordered.
This round has been pretty much like all the others, though the toxic feeling has come a little early. The girls have come to visit as have other family members. He will be discharged tomorrow. He has appointment with his orthopedic oncologist immediately following discharge and then we will hit the road for home. We anticipate only being home a few days before we come back. We have decided we feel better being in Baltimore should the neutrapenia hit again. It has been a regular cycle of 10 days after beginning chemotherapy. I hope my dog can handle that and not cause too much trouble for my Mom.
As usual I spend my days knitting, listening to podcasts and watching him sleep. 

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